Why The Palm Beaches Are Perfect For A Solo Or A Girls Weekend Getaway

When you think of the Palm Beaches the last thing you think is fun, adventure, and inexpensive, right? 

Well actually, there is plenty to do. It’s pretty overwhelming! 

In fact, I recommend the Palm Beaches as a great destination for a girls weekend and/or solo getaway. Whether you’re looking to escape reality with co-workers, sisters, girlfriends or just want to some solo time. I really do recommend you take a flight over to the Palm Beaches.

If you’re from the New York City then a flight to Palm Beach is only 2 hours. Two hours is nothing for a location where you can find anything from great dining, shopping, 5-star hotels and great beaches. I am all about vacations, but for those who can only escape once a year for two weeks. The weekends are the real ‘getaways’. Which is why the Palm Beaches are a no-brainer. Especially, Delray and West Palm Beach!

My experience while visiting Delray and West Palm Beach was nothing short of fun! There are 39 boroughs in the Palm Beaches and although I could only visit a few. My favorites have to be Delray and West Palm Beach.  

Here are my reasons why…


The most important part of solo traveling. Is being safe. Now, don’t get wrong. Everywhere I travel ANYWHERE solo, I am always cautious. As you should be too. So don’t take what I am about to tell you, too lightly. I felt very safe in Delray beach. As a solo female traveler, I walked alone at night, sat alone at dinners and felt safe. No annoying random strangers came up to.  So I can imagine with a group of your closes babes you should be fine. Plus, we all know it’s better to be in numbers than in one. 


To all my foodies out there! Delray Beach is an absolute MUST. You could have anything from a local bar restaurant to a local restaurant whose menu changes daily because they only buy from local farmers.- (I know! That sounds delicious!)

My top recommendations are: 

  1. Max’s Harvest– Delray Beach. Daily menu changes, always fresh ingredients as they buy from local farms only.
  2. Salt 7 – Delray Beach. If you’re indecisive about food, this is a diverse menu. Offering top sushi to prime steak, you can’t go wrong. This is a hot spot for celeb sightings.
  3. City Tap House – West Palm Beach. This is great happy hour spot. They have a great selection of beers!
  4. The Blind Monk – West Palm Beach. This place couldn’t be more perfect.Why is it perfect Lots of tapas, great wine selection, and lots of cheese! Seriously, who doesn’t want wine and cheese?


This, of course, is my specialty. I don’t really like to sit around and do nothing all the time. I prefer to keep moving and learning about history, cultures, and just taking in the all local beauty. Both West Palm and Delray Beach have so much to do. I promise it won’t be anything short of dull.

My top recommendations are:

  1. Lion Country Safari- With more than 900 animals, spending the day here is easy.
  2. Palm Beach Zoo- located in West Palm Beach. Get up close and personal with one of their friendly sloths.
  3. Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens – looking for a history with an awesome lunch spot? (the restaurant located inside is highly recommended)
  4. Henry Morrison Flagler Museum for a Tour – has a ton of history and it certainly isn’t shy of anything nice.
  5. Leslie on Island Living Tours.- There is nothing like juicy gossip with a little more history. I recommend this tour with a group of girls and then ask Leslie to take you to the best cocktails in town.
  6.  West Palm Beach Food Tour -if you’re really into food and want to explore more of the 2,000 venues I would encourage you to jump on a(word from the wise, don’t EAT BEFORE)
  7. West Palm Beach Green Market for fresh foods, vegetables, drinks, and live music. It’s truly a local hangout on a perfect sunny Sunday!


This is just as important as anything else. Whether you enjoy an awesome cocktail at a bar before or after dinner or whether you like raging at a Sunday brunch.

My top recommendations for nightlife in Delray Beach/ West Palm Beach area are:

  • Salt 7– if you want to dance the night away after dinner (Sunday Brunch is a happening spot!)
  • Silver Ball Museum – It’s an arcade for adults!
  • Old Arcade– Speakeasy
  • Dada – It’s an off the beaten path spot. It’s an old house with live music and an outdoor patio!
  • El Camino– This place is always busy and bustling with music. Make sure to check out their awesome cocktails too!
  • Johnny Brown’s – known for awesome frozen cocktails and live rock performances.


It really depends on what you enjoy the most. I stayed at Hyatt Downtown Delray Beach, which was perfect for a budget-friendly place. Ideally, it is in the best location of the town. Right smack in the middle of everything. You don’t need to worry about spending money on cabs home. Although,  I must give props to Delray Beach for their Downtowner. Every city in America should have one! The Downtowner is a minicab that picks you up anytime, anywhere in Delray Beach (from the bar) to your home. It’s free but a tip is suggested. 

Last but not least, ( we know how important this is while traveling.- Ladies) 

This is for my single gals. Listen up, if you’re looking for love or eligible bachelor they are hiding in Delray Beach. Bahaha- No. But I am serious! 

Honestly, I think all the good-looking successful men are in Delray. So basically if you’re looking for a weekend getaway solo or with the girls or maybe planning a bachelorette party, I think this the Palm Beaches would be the PERFECT destination. 😉

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