What To Pack For Peru- Machu Picchu

Okay, so you’ve bought your flights to Lima for your trip to Machu Picchu. Curious to know where to start, how to pack, or what to pack? No worries, just check out the quick list I’ve created and watch my short video on what to pack and how to pack.

With only a few hours left before I depart on a summer of epic experiences with Under30Experiences. I thought I’d share some insight to packing for my first 3 week adventure in Peru.

What To Pack:

*NOTE: Make sure to always check a weather app for the local weather forecast. This will help you decided how many items to bring of each.  Because I am going in June-July, it’s winter in Peru, so the weather is usually chilly (but not too cold) during the day, but really cold at night. 

  1. T-shirts
  2. Long sleeved shirt
  3. Hooded sweatshirt
  4. Windbreaker
  5. Warm socks
  6. Underwear
  7. Bathing suit
  8. Yoga or athletic pants
  9. Winter hat and gloves/ cap
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Clothes to go out to casual dinner
    1. Not too fancy: One casual shirt or nice blouse
    2. One long sleeve dress
  12. Toiletries (make sure to bring travel size)

    1. Shampoo, Conditioner
    2. Toothbrush
    3. Toothpaste
    4. Cleanser
    5. Moisturizer
    6. Razor
    7. Sunscreen
    8. Sunscreen gloss
    9. Makeup
  13. Shoes:
    1. Hiking/ Trekking Sneakers or boots (suggest waterproof)
    2. Sneakers or shoes to wear all day when you’re walking in the town
    3. One pair of light flip-flops
    4. One pair of nice boots for going out (don’t have to be heels)
  14. A day bag or side bag for sightseeing
  15. Passport (and a photocopy of your passport)
  16. Camera gear (Camera, GroPro, tripod, etc. )
  17. *WATER FILTERS (3)


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