Only Good Times in Lagos-Places To Go and Things To Do

Lagos, Portugal is an awesome little town with lots of things to do, see and  places to eat and drink! One of my last weekends in Europe I spent with some buddies from Sevilla, Spain. (*Side Note: For those who do not know, I am back in the states.- For the time being!)

Portugal- Gang Portugal Girls-2015

I went to a few places in Lagos for just the short time I was there.

Places to EAT:

Nah Nah Bah This place is Voted World’s TOP Burger Joint. And let me tell you, it ABSOLUTELY is AMAZING! The food is fresh and delicious. It’s definitely more of a dinner place. There is only sitting inside. The cocktails are 2.50 euros between 11:00 pm-12:00 am. The drink menu is hilarious they have some funny/ interesting names. Def a great place to break the ice! Lastly, their french fries. I am a big french fries queen, and omgosh you will no regret it!

Rockafellas This is great lunch place. Delicious wraps and salads. Also, at night they play good music and you can sit either inside or outside. The people are super friendly and the food and drinks are fairly priced. Also, they have free WIFI!

Places to DRINK:

Joe’s Garage– This bar is not too big and not too small. Every Friday night they have a Beer Pong Tournament. The winning team gets 50 euros to open bar! (I won! Haha) Oh! And Thursday nights are Flip Cup Tournaments. (Oh the lovely college memories) The drinks are fairly cheap. The music is always good and the crowd is always ready to dance!

Beer Pong Winners- Joe’s Garage

Grand Cafe– Okay, so the bars in Lagos usually close at around 2:30am, but that doesn’t mean the party ends. Everyone usually goes to Grand Cafe. This place looks like a massive mansion! It’s a club so the drinks are a little bit more than what they would cost at the bars, but still not so bad. My good friend, Toba, runs these promotions for Grand Cafe through VIP Lagos. If you’re headed to Lagos and don’t know what to do, check out VIP Lagos Facebook Page Toba always has something happening! 🙂

Whytes Bar– What can I say about this place except that it’s LOTS of fun! Haha. Looking to rage? Check out Whytes! They have an upstairs cocktail bar and a down stairs dancing area. Whytes is always crowded too. Apparently there are games you can place with the bartenders and if you beat them, you get a free shot. (I didn’t try this!)

Things to SEE:

Lagos has several beaches you could visit. It really all depends on what you like the most.


List of Beaches: 

  1. Porto De Mos
  2. Camilo
  3. Dona Ana
  4. Pinhao
  5. Batata – Has a beach bar.

If you aren’t a fan of just planking on the beach like some people for hours, you could always visit…

Historic CentreThis is the oldest part of Lagos. Where cobblestone narrow street lead you to small bars, restaurants and shops. You could smell and taste the sea through the centre!

Lighthouse– The famous light house. Lagos is a big fish town so you’ll find the light house near the harbor.

Faro– This is outside of Lagos, probably a 30 minute ride. SO WORTH IT! They call this, the ‘end of the world‘. It’s the very coast of Portugal. You look out into the sea and see nothing. Apparently the other side is North Carolina!

Faro, Portugal

Things to DO:

  1. The Booze Cruise– It’s an all day event. All inclusive price with lunch and (obviously) booze.
  2. Kayak Tours–  This company does a few things apart from just Kayaking. They also have boat tours. You could tour the coastline of Lagos; beautiful cliffs, caves and hidden beaches. The tour is only about 3 hours long!
  3. Dive-Time– If your into diving or snorkeling these guys do daily trips. They provide you with all the gear and give lessons too!

And of course my favorite, surfing. Lagos is known for COLD water and epic waves. Check out The Surf Experience for some lesson(They have yoga classes too!)

See if you’re ever in Lagos, there is NEVER a dull moment!

Feel free to ask me any more questions about Lagos or the surrounding area. I would also love to hear from my reads who have been to Lagos. What did you guys think of Lagos?





  1. Hilda Andrade March 19, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    just a correction.. the label you have for Faro, where the rock looks like a boot, is actually Sagres! Love my portugal.. can’t wait to go back!

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