My 4 Recent App Obsessions

Everyone knows that the internet has changed the way we meet people, travel, and even see the world. I remember when I first lived abroad, I learned how to read a map for the first time, and that’s how I got around. Today connecting to WIFI and use GOOGLE MAPS the way to go!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my ‘8 To-Go Apps For Traveling‘, if you haven’t read it, it’s a MUST. With a collaboration of all those apps and the 4 apps below, anyone could rule the world of travel, travel blogging, or just their world!

Outbound AppThis is my most recent and addicting app. This app is created for solo travelers who want to connect with other solo travelers. I love this app! Not only am I a brand ambassador, but I’ve been planning my next solo trip (which is in 5 days) and I’ve already connected with tons of travelers, just like me, who will be in the same area as I will! It’s pretty cool.

ActOn– For those of you love to be inspired and believe in giving back or even traveling with a purpose, like me. This is your ONE STOP SHOP. ActOn is a mobile platform that allows you to find what you’re passionate about and connects you with others who feel the same way. You can create events, share stories, watch videos, read articles, etc. The app even measures how much social impact you’ve created! It even informs the user of local events happening in the city they’re based in. This is such a great tool for me, being that I love to travel and give back to the countries I travel to. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 6.19.32 PM

GeoramaSo happy to share this one. Okay so I have officially partnered with Georama on my next trip!! (I am so excited!) Georama is a mobile and internet platform that allows you to virtually visit any country in the world at any time with an actual tour guide. This app is great for travel bloggers like me. Why? Because not only can the user use this app for free, but they can also pay a tour guide to go into specific places or give private tours. This is currently active for just Android phones, but will be launching for iPhones very soon. ( I will keep you all posted)- * Find me @TheSocialGirlTraveler


Periscope– Most of you ,if not all, have heard me RAVING about this baby. I love my Periscope because it allows me to scope anything at anytime. Periscope is just a mobile platform that allows me to live stream my travels (just like Georama), but Periscope isn’t just for travel bloggers, it’s for anyone who has anything to say! Check me out on @socialtraveler (same as my twitter handle).

There you have it! My top social communication apps. Do you use any of these? Are you a big fan too? If so, please share below. Any suggestions to other apps?

Don’t forget to follow me on Georama and Periscope for LIVE action on my upcoming trip!