The Ultimate Traveler’s Christmas List!! (&Tips)

Nothing more annoying than running through a ‘Christmas List’ of recommended items and still have a shit ton of questions about each product. Like what size is this? Will this actually fit in my suitcase? Is this really practical? Does the picture quality come out good? etc.

I get it guys!

So I’ve created the ultimate traveler’s Christmas list and some tips along the way. I’ve used and abused all these gadgets and products. As in, I’ve dropped or banged against something (literally) a thousand times. I’ve also taken all (or most) of these products with me traveling. I’ve shared tips on traveling, like for example, why I LOVE hats and why I use them so much when I travel.(::raising my eyebrows and laughing::: )

I’ve got a list for you below with links and recommendations, but if you’re interested in an in-depth explanation on everything watch the video below.



Kindle Paperwhite

Such a brilliant idea. First off, it’s super lightweight, but it doesn’t take up space. Which is essential and practical for someone always on the go and traveling. If you’re anything like me and don’t really watch TV and reading is more of your vice then The Kindle is for you 100%.

Power Bank

If you’re always on your phone and need your phone (sadly) because it’s your job.

If you’re always on your phone and need your phone (sadly) because it’s your job. Then this is the perfect item. It can charge up to 3 devices at the same time. It is a little fat, but not heavy. This is essential for anyone always on the go.



I love this thing! This is perfect for someone traveling for a short time to someone always traveling (like me) full-time. You’re always connected. Let’s face it, this si essential. Not only so you’re connected socially, but in terms of safety. PARENTS! This is a great gift for your kids who are traveling abroad. They are always connected and have no excuse not to answer you. Skyroam works in over 100 countries and is expanding rapidly. For only $8.00 a day you’re connected to unlimited wifi. To get your Skyroam click here.

GoPro Hero5 Black

I love this new toy and it certainly speaks for itself. Thanks to GoPro for creating such an awesome device. I am 100% happy with the quality of the footage (it shoots in 4k). Also, you can talk to your GoPro5 and it listens. (Nothing else in my life works just as well!)

DJI Mavic Pro

I’ll have to come back to you on full recommendations. I’ve only heard GREAT things about the Mavic. I am a fan of DJI. They are the drone makers of all drones. They just rock at making drones. I use to use the Professional 3, but I sold it to purchase the Mavic, but it’s small, lightweight, efficient, and convenient. (check out my video below for more info on why I purchased it!)


Podo (“First Stick & Shoot Camera”)

Who needs a selfie stick when you have this little guy! I don’t have this product just yet, but again, I’ve heard only good things. The quality of the pictures are good and the fact that you can stick it anywhere and take a picture from your phone is just brilliant. I am impressed. We like it!  It is a must have.


Kusshi Bags

Before these beautiful washable make-up bags, I use to travel with Ziploc bags filled with makeup.  Yup, that’s right! Come on ladies! I am not the only one. Now that has all changed. I actually feel like a pretty lady. Thanks to these beautiful bags by Kusshi. For an in-depth review check out my video below.

Traveling Plastic Bags

We all know that packing cubes are awesome and I am always promoting them. So if you don’t have packing cubes, get packing cubes. They help so much! But traveling plastic bags that suck all the air out and keep everything compressed. These plastic bags are so useful too. We like these.

Jewelry Roll Bag

I have nothing to say except that this is a MUST. (For a more in-depth product review check out my video below.)


This is a tip for ladies! I love hats. I use them all the time and I am always getting asked about my hats. I also use them because I would rather not waste half my morning getting my hair washed and pretty for society because it’s dirty. I would much rather throw a hat on and call it day (don’t judge)!

My favorite brand is Lack of Color. (They have adorable men hats too!)


(this is my favorite hat)

Watch an in-depth review on all the products mentioned above.



** Please note that I am not getting paid to talk, review or write about any of these products. These are my own opinions based on my use of the products. Also, please note that I do make a commission off some of these products as it is how I maintain and manage my blog and travels. Thank you so much for your continued love and support.