Reason To Fallen In Love With Bellagio, Italy

For a girl who has fallen in love with traveling, it’s very courageous for me to say I’ve fallen in love with a city in Italy.

But by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll agree!

I can’t seem to pinpoint why I’ve fallen for Bellagio, Italy. Maybe because it’s  next to one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen, Lake Como. Maybe because it smells like fresh croissants every morning and amazing Italian espresso. Or possibly because of the narrow cobblestone streets and the beeping of the Vespas as they pass right by you saying, “ Bella!”

I tell you, I’ve never enjoyed Italy like this before!

What To Do In Bellagio, Italy


Oh! the good lord knows I tried to be good. But it’s Italy why would I deprive myself of the deliciousness of bread, olive oil, pasta, sauces, and more pasta, and pizza.  I mean life is too short! Bellagio is full or fine dining. I visited a few places. My top recommendations are:

Bellagio is full or fine dining. I visited a few places. My top recommendations are:

  1. Ittiturismo Mella – If you’re craving seafood and quality seafood this is your spot!
  2. Trattoria Baita Belvedere– This place was absolutely delicious! You can’t get there without a vehicle. Because it’s at the top of a mountain. Walking wouldn’t be ideal. When you call to make reservations the restaurant will accommodate you with a pick and drop off service. The restaurant has breathtaking views and is a family owned restaurant. Homemade jams, and fine wine. It feels like grandma’s Sunday dinners. I will recommend coming with an empty stomach. Prepare for one of the best meals of your life!
  1. Wine Time– Great spot for a great selection of small tapes and wine before dinner.
  2. Risorante Bilacus– This is in the center of town. You’ll need to make reservations at this restaurant as it is one of Bellagio’s finest. The food here is amazing! * Special thank you to them for inviting me to dine for free of charge.


  1. Recommended pick from the airport-  Alberto Del Donno (email) Alberto, speaks English so don’t worry about not knowing Italian. He was an awesome driver. Picked me up on time from the airport and drove me an hour and a half to Bellagio.
  2. Lake by Boat Bellagio – Because Bellagio is in Lake Como there are other ways to get around the Lake. You can certainly take the ferry, which would be the cheaper option, but if you called for a private boat rental, Lake By Boat is your best option. For only a little more over budget, you can have the comfort of your own boat and space for a day or a few hours.
  3. Motorbike Or Vespa- Renting a motorbike or Vespa is a great way to get around Bellagio. Because the roads are so narrow and there are lots of hills. I wouldn’t recommend walking around too much. Unless you’re in the town of Bellagio. Anything surrounding it I would suggest renting a Vespa or Motorbike if you want to explore the town is the best way.


Although Bellagio has tons of 5-star hotels and great places for accommodations. I stayed with Pescallo Bay Apartments- Bellagio. These apartments were extremely accommodating and in the cutest part of town. I felt like a local!


There is so much to do in this city! (Besides eat great food) There is so much to see and do here. Bellagio and mostly all the small towns and cities surrounding Lake Como are really infamous for water sports and cycling. It’s a big cycling destination for its narrow windy roads and hills. It’ big on its water sports too! Like kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing.

  1. Water Sports- Bellagio Water Sports – Michele, is the owner of Bellagio Water Sports. He’s is such a wonderful human! He’s the one you want to go to for kayaking and paddle boarding. He’s extremely helpful so don’t worry if it’s your first time.
  2. Biking/ Cycling- Unfortunately during my visit, I didn’t get to do much of biking because of the rainy weather. I do recommend these two great places, Tri Lake Como & Como Lago Bike for bike rentals and cycling tours around Bellagio based on your level experience. 
  3. Boating-  As I mentioned them earlier this is a great way to get around Lake Como on your own terms. Or even just spend the day on boat: Lake by Boat Bellagio

PRO TIP: If you’re looking to catch a local scene and visit a bar, I would recommend Pub Tiglio. This is truly a local hangout! Remember Italian’s aren’t loud partier’s so do not expect loud crazy music and a big party scene. You’ll most like find a bar full of Italian’s playing bar games, drinking and have a good time, but still quite quiet. If you can’t find the location, ask around! Locals know the bar.

I’ve given you enough information to fall in love with Bellagio, Italy too! What do you think? Do you think you can go visit and fall in love like I did? Have you been to Lake Como or Bellagio, Italy before? If so, comment below and let me know what you think of my tips. Let me know if you have more tips I could share.