Product Review: American Tourister YELLOW-Lock ‘N’ Roll

I’ve been traveling with ‘my yellow banana’ since May of this year. It’s been everywhere! I’ve not even kidding. It’s been to three different countries. It’s been used and abused! (Good thing it comes with a 10 year warranty!) 

I love the color, but hate it at the same time. Why? (it’s a double edge sword) . I picked the color yellow so my luggage sticks out (does a great job of doing that) and I won’t loose it. It also makes it really easy to explain it to an airline company if (God-Forbid) I loose it.  So with the color being yellow it can get a little dirty. But the marks do come off! I figured having a yellow banana luggage isn’t bad compared to the offset, which would be losing it.

My review of the American Tourister Lock ‘N’ Roll (video below) is to show how big, light and perfect it is to travel with. It’s durable and practical. Which are two very important things when considering a new luggage for traveling.

My favorite quality of the luggage is the lock. With a built-in TSA lock, it makes me feel like my stuff is safe. Feeling safe is so important, especially when you’re always traveling and not at ‘home’.

Another awesome quality is the wheels. It has double wheels so it makes lugging the luggage around much easier and smoother! If you have any questions on the luggage please comment below. Will be happy to help! 

*This post was not paid for or sponsored by. These are my own thoughts and opinions.