My Surfing Trips

After returning from Dominican Republic and learning to surf, all I’ve been thinking about is surfing! (Seriously, what is wrong with me!) Haha

It’s not like I was outrageously good and I can be a pro surfer. Haha!


I’ve decided to make a part of my blog just for my surfing adventures and trips. I plan to continue to learn and actually be decent. And share my experiences and upcoming surfing trips. Also because, if you haven’t heard the recent news, I became a COSTA Bikini Blogger! You can check me out there too.

My biggest issue right now, is that I am back in the North East, and I am having trouble/time finding a place where I can surf. Anyone have any places? Know anyone that can help me out?

I am interested to hear what you guys think and if you have ANY suggestions!

Lastly, here’s an awesome video of me surfing at Macao Surf Camp and breaking my ass a few times. Haha! Enjoy!  If you haven’t seen my post on My First Time Surfing & How I Fell In Love, check it out.