My India Experience- (Vblog)

The constant horn blowing and loud Indian music is what I remember hearing.  The smell of a million different spices with a mix of New Delhi pollution. The strong stares and the children hustling you for food or money. Watching the monkeys keep guard of their territory while jumping from building to building.

The beautiful 500-year-old palaces filled with history, painting and culture. The women walking the streets dressed in beautiful bright colors from head to toe holding baskets of fruits and vegetables on their heads. The breath-taking view of the famous Taj Mahal. And wandering the streets of the ‘Pink City’, Jaipur.

India was something to see without a doubt. From the delicious foods all the way to the random street festivals that were filled with music, dancing, and elephants. Not to mention the amazing work I got to do there too. Volunteering in the slums and bring water filters to families in need.

My 14 day tour with Hands On Journeys was an amazing experience. The sole purpose of this tour was to help others along the way of travel. Empower and give back!  Travel with a purpose, as I like to call it. There is nothing more rewarding than doing what you love while changing the lives of other along the way.

This was a short recap of the 14 days I spent in India. Enjoy!