How To Make Friends While Traveling Solo

Traveling solo is hard for anyone. Male or Female. I do believe there are certain advantages that each sex could have over one another. But for the most part, it’s hard. Luckily, in today’s day and age it’s much easier to connect with people from all around the world then it was 30 years ago.

For one, the internet changed our world, but social media changed our society. Social Media plays a big part in making friends while traveling solo. Another is where you stay, and lastly, how you present yourself. – Don’t worry. I will explain. Read on, I will explain!

I’ve been to 39 countries to date and I’d say a good 30 of those countries I traveled solo. I never really felt solo because I was always making friends along the way. The more I traveled and posted on social media the more I learned how to connect/ make friends with people globally while sitting on my couch at home. I’ve also become really good at picking out the ‘weirdos’ from the not so weird people while traveling too.- There is no secret to that, listen to your gut!

There is a method to the madness and certain tricks I’ve picked up along the way. Here are a few that have helped me make friends while traveling solo.

me and @nadia_dailyself in Yosemite National Park in 2017- we look like a hot mess, but oh! did we have a great time on this road trip!

How To Use Social Media

Let’s get this straight: Social media is called social media because it’s used to share valuable information in a social matter. If you’re creating good content and sharing it online, you’re using social media. Through your content, you’re creating connections. People who like what you’re saying will connect with you. Make sense?

**Secondly, not everyone you meet online is who they say they are. Lastly, you shouldn’t ever share ANY VALUABLE INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF OR YOUR LOCATION WHILE TRAVELING.  It’s one thing to share a destination, but it’s another to share a hotel name and hotel room number. -Get it?

Okay, since we’ve covered our asses there. Let’s get back to making friends while using social media.

These are friends I made in Thailand during my solo trip through South-East Asia. I met them in a HOSTEL!


Travel Groups- There are over 100,000 (some made up number that might be real) Facebook groups that are only for female women traveling solo. (Girls Love Travel, Wanderlust Girls). These groups have 100s and 1000s of women who travel from all over the globe and are constantly supporting other women while traveling. Pop a message in one of those groups and ask if anyone is around to meet up for drinks!

Your Own Facebook Page– Put a status on your own Facebook page. Ask your friends if anyone knows someone in the country you’re visiting. Ask for recommendations.


Meetups- There is a website called Meetup.com, this website specializes in connecting people from all over with a common interest. Find a group in the country you’re in that’s having a meetup. Typically these are social events held at bars or cafes. Pick your poison!

Couch Surfing– Did you know you don’t have to just join Couch Surfing as a way to stay in stranger’s home for free? They also allow you to have meet-ups. On Couch Surfing you’ll be able to create a profile and tell people you just want to meet up for drinks or explore a country. This is a great way to meet locals!

Airbnb– Yes, Airbnb recently launched something they call ‘Experiences’. Where you can not only book accommodation but you can also find the best things to do in your destination by jumping on a tour. Joining paid tours are a great way to make friends too.

Dating Apps- Yes, (don’t judge) this is a GREAT way to make friends. For any gender. It doesn’t always have to be about dating. Maybe you just want someone to show you around the neighborhood. (pun intended)

Travello App– I’ve mentioned these guys before because it’s a great tool to have while traveling solo. Travello is an app for solo travelers. It allows you to check-in to a location and finds out who’s there whats happening with other solo travelers. You can ‘friend’ someone and start planning a hang-out. It’s an app that was created my solo backpack travelers who wanted a better way of making friends while traveling solo.

Instagram- Is another great tool! Use Instagram as a way to create friendships with time. You don’t need a big following you just need to really create good connections. For example, post a picture about a location and make sure to use the right hashtags, make sure that in the caption you ask people to tag a friend who’s been there or has friends in the location so you can meet up.

Overall, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or ask friends for connections. The world really isn’t that big! Promise.

He wasn’t a Facebook friend, but he is now! Hahaha

Where To Stay

This is an easy one. Stay in Hostels. You don’t need to share a room with 15 strangers. A lot of Hostels actually have private rooms. They are little pricey, but overall they are still pretty nice. It will still be a little cheaper than a hotel. The reason I recommend staying in Hostels is that you’re likelier to find another solo travelers. Also, Hostels always have activities (good Hostels at least) or a social gathering. This makes it so much easier to make friends. A lot of the times you find that people are headed to the same places you are and you can just travel together!

True story: I met all these people through Instagram (where I meet most people) for our love of helping the world. I am still VERY good friend with each of them today. This was after a hard days work or picking up beach rubbish and surfing. Nothing like those Bali Bintangs!

YOUR Vibes

If you aren’t ready to make friends, you won’t make friends.- Did you get that?

I will repeat…

If you aren’t READY to make friends, you WON’T make friends.

You can try all these tricks above but if you aren’t truly ready and open to making friends you won’t make any. You attract the type of people you want to attract. If you need a friend or buddy to travel with and are opening to meeting someone from another country, up-bring, different values, then the universe (whatever you want to call it) will somehow give you a travel buddy/friend.

You have to be open to it. I can’t stress that enough.

Going to dinner alone is a great way to make friends. I’ve sat down alone for a countless amount of dinners and I’ve had complete strangers join me for dinner or invite me to their table with their friends and family.- True story.

I’ve also sat down at cafes and bars alone and made friends. Now, I am not telling you that this will happen all the time because it won’t but for the most part, it will happen enough times to make you smile. You’ll remember that the universe has got your back and you’re going to be alright.

If anyone has any suggests for how they make friends while traveling solo please comment below! I am always curious about trying new ways.




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