Here Is My Little Note For 2016 & Some Goals

Hey hey! Greetings from down under guys. I’m officially settled in (for the time being in Sydney) and I just wanted to share a little side note.

I didn’t send this post out before New Years, because I was reflecting and I wanted this little note to be real. I mean between the hustling and bustling of Christmas and New Years things have been busy.

After a weekend of madness, I figured it’s a perfect time.

First, I couldn’t be happier that everyone loved my last post ( 10 Months & 36 Things I’ve Done Outside My Comfort Zone). I hope I inspired some of you to get your asses up and do something different with your lives if you aren’t happy! More than anything, I hope most have realized that we can do anything we really want to. If we want it bad enough.
With that said, on the 1st of January Matador Networks published an article with a list on which travel blogger to follow in 2016. I was so happy to be on that list with a bunch of other amazing bloggers as well. What a way to kick off 2016!

I feel like I owe a lot of this to my followers so I wanted to say thanks for supporting me. Especially my family. I know they miss me lots (as I miss them too).

I am really excited for 2016!

Here is my little note:

Smile and appreciate everything you have and don’t have. – Traveling throughout SE Asia and Dominican Republic this year helped me realize that even more.

Don’t take shit too seriously people. Promise it isn’t worth it.
I promise to give back A LOT more in 2016. – I’m happy to announce I will be traveling to India with Hands On Journeys at the end of January and I will be taking part in some remarkable stuff. Can’t wait share more in the coming weeks. With that said, we need to open our minds and give back a little more. Time to change the way we travel and give back.

I will post more often. In fact, I will pitch more often too. TAKE MORE RISKS! No shame in failing. At least I know what ‘not to do’, right?

I have travel goals 2016 and these are the countries I’d like to visit this year:

  1. India
  2. Explore ALL of Australia
  3. New Zealand
  4. Lao
  5. Vietnam
  6. Malaysia
  7. Singapore
  8. Myanmar
  9. China
  10. Philippines
  11. Cuba
  12. Argentina
  13. Mexico
  14. Costa Rica

Let’s see if I can get to half of these places! Haha – Anyone else got travel goals? If you don’t, you should! Get out there!

Lastly: Inspire.
My goal for 2016 is to inspire. I know that sounds really cheesy, so hear me out..

I want to see people make changes. I get amazing emails from my followers about how I inspire them. Which makes my day! But I want to get emails from people SHOWING ME I inspire them. Show me you’re changing your ways. Traveling, smiling, and giving back. How ever you do it, I want to see it!

I said it in my last post, ” I challenge you to make a change in yourself if you aren’t happy”. I want to see that. Like I said before…

“Why is it that most of us (not all of us) live our lives rushing through it. What is the damn point of rushing! Eventually we all get to the end, we just get there differently. Slow down! Enjoy it. Promise it’s all worth it.”

And let me make it clear that this doesn’t mean you have to give it all up to travel or anything crazy! I simply mean treat yourself. Quit the job you hate. End a bad relationship. Move into that new apartment. Start a new hobby. Make time for yourself. Don’t be afraid to do something and step outside of that comfort zone.

I know most of these things sound like common sense, but I feel as though sometimes it is just now to have a little reminder.

What are your goals for 2016? Travel plans? Anyone have any suggestion for my blog or future posts they want to read about? Comment below!
I wish you all an amazing year ahead!!