A Girls Weekend – Jervis Bay For 48 Hours (Vblog)

Australia, a country like no other with so much to see and so many hidden treasures. It should be a crime to have a time limit on visiting places like Jervis Bay. But then again, this is real life, and usually we only get weekends. So I won’t complain when the girls and I headed down south for a few hours for just some much needed girl time.


How To Get Down There

Renting a car – Bayswater Car Rental- No Birds is the company we used to drive down. It is about a three-hour drive. Also, this gives you the option of having the flexibility to drive around Jervis Bay without having to call a taxi.

Where To Stay

Renting an Airbnb. This is the cheapest option giving you the flexibility to cook your meals or rent a big house for a big group. If you’re on a smaller budget renting in Jervis Bay is the way to go. Or if budgeting isn’t an issue then an Airbnb on Hyams Beach, actually located on the beach. This is only a 10 minute drive from Jervis Bay. It really all depends what your plans and budget are for the weekend.

Where To Eat

In Jervis Bay, there is a local supermarket with a bottle shop next to it. There are also small shops and cafes, but the nearest town is Huskisson. This is where most of the pubs, cafes and restaurants are located.

Pubs & Restaurants
Huskisson Pub- Great for sunset
Water House- On the beach


5 Little Pigs



Here is a Tip: If you’re on a budget before leaving Sydney pop into a Woolworth or a Coles and buy some groceries. This is definitely the cheapest option. 

What To Do (My favorite part!)


Hyams Beach Only 10 minutes from Jervis Bay! It’s known for it’s white sand and crystal clear waters. It is supposed to be one of the few beaches around the world with natural white sand. It is beautifully breathe taking. Swimming and snorkeling is a must. If you want to spend a whole Saturday on the beach then pack a cooler and some sandwiches and don’t forget the sunscreen. Hyams Beach is miles long with smooth waves. You’ll find people lounging, playing cricket, volleyball, or just having a cold one. Just make sure to pick up rubbish after the day’s end. Hyams Beach is too beautiful to pollute.

Jervis Bay Beach another great location to just lounge around and get some sun. There is a massive boardwalk that runs along the beach, which makes it easy for runners and joggers.


Adventure (Outdoors)

Dolphin and Whale Watching
This is extremely popular in Jervis Bay. If you head over to the small town of Huskisson you’ll have plenty of options from where to choose. There are daily charters.

Snorkelling and Diving
Rent some snorkelling gear if you don’t have at any dive shop. Jervis Bay also has daily diving charters for anyone interested in getting a closer look of the world down under.

Adventure (Indoor)

Huskisson Pictures (Cinema)
This cinema has your latest blockbuster hits and your oldest classics. Just 10 minutes from Jervis Bay this is great for a nice afternoon indoor activity on a rainy day.

Well, there you have it an epic weekend getaway in Jervis Bay. Regardless of whether it’s raining a storm outside or the sun is beaming down there is never a ‘dull moment’ in Jervis Bay. I can’t say we didn’t enjoy our time…