From Miraflores To Cusco To Machu Picchu ( VBLOG 2 | Under30Experiences )

Hey hey! Still wandering Peru and loving it more and more. I am excited to share my first few days here in Peru…

Day two of my adventure continued with exploring Lima in the morning. Where I went to the beach in Miraflores. My afternoon ended with a flight to Cusco to begin my journey to Machu Picchu. In Cusco (on the Day 3) we visited a community that is still living in the Andes Mountains on the other side of Cusco in the, what is called, Secret Valley. This community is called, Parque De La Papa. We spent the day learning about this community and how they live in the mountains. And finally on Day 4 we headed off to Machu Picchu!

This VBLOG is a combination of 3 days to give you a quick idea of my journey to Machu Picchu with Under30Experiences!