8 Go-To Apps For Traveling

With August almost approaching, and with almost everyone planning their last-minute summer get-a-away trips. I wanted to share with you guys my 8 go-to apps for traveling!

Everyone’s always asking me if I have any tips for booking cheap flights or for getting around a new city.

So Listen Up…


For Flight/Trains/Bus: 
1. skyscanner I LOVE THIS APP. MY FAVORITE! What I love about it is that it gives you ranges of days when its a good time to fly at the cheapest rate! Since I mostly book my flights ‘last min’ I need something that gives many opinions for a few days ahead. I never have a specific date when I travel, until I actually book something. This is my favorite for sure. In my opinion, the mobile app is better than using it online.

2. Rome2Rio– Another favorite, especially for backpackers, because it gives multiple options of transportation for getting to a location in ONE App. This is a wonderful tool for someone who need to compare the best way to get to a location, whether you’re looking to save time or money.

For Accommodations:

3. Airbnb– I should work for these guys. Honestly tho, I’ve booked more Airbnb places than I have stayed in hostels! This app is fabulous. Allows you to everything you would do on the computer right in the palm of your hand. Also, I use Airbnb when I am staying in a city for longer than 4 nights, it’s cheaper!

4.Booking– The Booking app is really helpful for last-minute bookings. I always use this app to check how much I’d need to budget to stay in a hotel or hostel in the city I am traveling to. It gives you price ranges for both hotels and hostels which is really helpful too.

Getting Around in a New City: 

5. Google Maps– If you’re a walker like me, then google maps is where it’s at! I’ve learned, from experience, that google maps is ALWAYS right. The only issue with google maps is that it won’t connect properly if you don’t have WIFI. What I usually do if I don’t have WIFI in the city I am visiting I screen grab directions on my phone before leaving a WIFI Zone.

6. Create Trips– Want to know where to go and what to really see in a new city you’re traveling to? Create Trips is my go-to app for finding the best hidden gems! Helps me feel like I am local. 🙂 I also write for them as well so it’s kinda cool, I get to share my roster of places and things I’ve seen too.

7. City Mapper– If you need to figure out how to get around in a major city and want multiple options on getting around, then city mapper is the best! They even tell you how long it would take to teleport somewhere! 😉 Haha!

8.Couchsurfing– Most of you know I am a couch surfer from my experience in Switzerland. I use couch surfing to make friends when I travel solo, because there is probably no easier way to meet locals. Couchsurfing isn’t just for sleeping at a stranger’s home, but it also allows you to connect to people who want to show you around their home town.

There you have it people! Now go download and travel the world! Hehe 😉



  1. Alejandro "Rat Tail" Silva Díaz September 5, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    Hey Social Girl Traveler, quick question: what do you do to keep your phone alive? Some of those apps consume a lot of battery. Any tips to conserve power and not having to be plugged in all day?

      THE SOCIAL GIRL TRAVELER September 5, 2015 at 9:21 pm

      Great question! I always make sure my apps are closed when I’m not using them. Also, I always carry an extra battery phone charger.

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