5 Places To Go In New Orleans: Other Than Bourbon Street

If I can give one word to describe New Orleans (NOLA) it would be: ‘Lively’.

What a city with such vibrant life!  From the minute you land at Louis Armstrong International Airport you feel it. I am not even kidding!

I didn’t spend a lot of time in NOLA but the time that I did spend I didn’t spend much time on the famous Bourbon Street.

The famous Bourbon Street that everyone raves about isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It smells like piss and old feet. I’m not even being that harsh! It safe to say it wasn’t my favorite and won’t be headed back there anytime soon. The only part of Bourbon St. I would recommend is the upper part. It’s the less touristy side. If you’re in the area check out, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar. It’s the oldest bar in New Orleans and possibly one of the oldest in America. Besides the Sony TVs behind the bar, everything else is pretty old.

Don’t worry, I won’t just have you read negative reviews on Bourdon Street. I’ll shed some light on the best areas NOLA has to offer and whats

NOLA is a lovely city and if you love food you could definitely eat your way through the city. If you love music you could dance your way down the streets (literally) and if you love history you can visit monuments, parks, and cemeteries that will keep you on you entertain for days!

My recommendations are as follows:

1. Magazine Street

Great for restaurants, bars and ice cream parlors and shops. This is the lower garden district. It’s a must! You could walk and down this street at any time of day and you’re guaranteed a good time with a good crowd. This is where the locals hangout too!

PRO TIP: If you’re a Taco lover like me and happen to be around on a Tuesday. It’s $5.00 Tacos and Beers at The Rum House.

2. French Quarter

The famous French Quarter is a must. Just a great place to walk around. Visit small cafes, shops, restaurants and parks for lounging.  The famous Cafe Du Monde is located in the French Quarter. You can not leave NOLA without some beignets and coffee.

3. Frenchman Street

Just a few blocks from Magazine Street is Frenchman. I recommend visiting Frenchman if you love music and if you really love live music from jazz to country and everything in between. Ladies wear your sexiest dress and men wear your most comfortable shoes. This area is nothing short boring.

4. Lower Garden District

Check out Maple and Oak street. (These are also near Magazine Street) But also so much fun. Again, plenty of restaurants and things to see. This is near the university so you’ll find lots of great cafes with good wifi for any digital nomads.

5. Central Business District

This is another really awesome area. It’s the business side of town, hence the name of the area. The famous and fabulous Ace Hotel is located in this area. I didn’t get to stay but I did stop in to visit their cocktail bar. I have to say I was not disappointed. I recommend stopping in grab some cocktails before dinner.  Just down the street from the Ace Hotel as a delicious oyster and cocktail bar, Seaworthy . If you like oysters and cocktails, I highlight recommend it!

Lastly, I was told, by a local, I missed out greatly for not getting a chance to check out this joint: Fulton Alley, it’s a bowling alley!

I wouldn’t base my whole NOLA experience on Bourbon Street because then I would have been highly disappointed, but instead, I got to explore and really see other amazing places/ things NOLA has to offer. I am usually not one that goes with the crowd anyways, so I feel like lots of these areas are locally known. My next mission for NOLA is to visit during Mardi Gras and experience it like a local and not like a tourist! Apparently, it’s VERY different. No flashing boobs for beads required! Haha

**If anyone has any more recommendations please comment below. Always happy to go and experience some recommendations!

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