3 Reasons Why There Is No Other Place On Earth Like Australia

Australia didn’t lie. I was told that it would be like no other place on earth. Every Australian I have ever met has always told me : “you’d love Australia”,  “you’ll never want to go back home!”-(they hadn’t ever met my niece) Haha

It’s been officially three weeks since I’ve left my lovely little place in Sydney and I can’t stop missing it. Sure, I am happy to be home with the family and really excited for my next adventure. But I would be lying if I didn’t say I missed Sydney.

I was warned about Australia for many reasons. All good reasons! Nonetheless, these are a few reasons why Australia is really like no other place on earth.

1.Beaches and Landscapes

You can have any type of beach that you want. Beach with pink sand, calm waters or beaches with good surf, and sandy beaches. Something about the water and how it never feels too salty. Sydney is surrounded by water making it almost impossible not to hear the waves from where ever you are. Oh! Lets not even touch upon the fact that there are always good-looking people on the beach.- Hahaha

It’s landscapes, I feel like Australia is where mountains meet the ocean perfectly. Yeah sure, mountains are everywhere, but not these and not these views. It’s just breathe taking.

Skydiving in Wollongong, Australia

Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay NSW

2.  Food

Australian food is delicious! (No, there are not tons of Outback Steak Houses everywhere.) Getting a fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables is easy and more common. I can say that Australians know how to cook their meats too! They take their grilling seriously. I don’t think there is one specific dish that is Australian, but they do have certain ways of eating things. For example, It’s super Aussie to have avocado on toast with tomato and fresh coffee. Something so simple, but extremely common for Australian. Also, please note, don’t EVER insult an Australian’s on their coffee. They LOVE their coffee.

Mrs.Sippy in Double Bay, NSW

3. Being Barefoot The Lifestyle

This might not seem like a big deal, but this just goes to show laid back and comfortable Australian’s live. The Aussie lifestyle is simple. They don’t worry too much about things they can’t change. I say being barefoot and I use that as an example simply because it’s how most (not all) Aussie really enjoy being. Australia is the middle child between America and English culture. They are true believers of living life and enjoying moments, and not living to work.

Also, I understands why Australian’s travel. They are so far from the rest of the world that being in Australia is like its own beautiful world. Australian’s are one of the nicest, laid back, most out going people I’ve ever met. Not saying that other people around the world aren’t just as happy, nice, or laid back, but Aussie’s do it differently.

Sunset at Bronte

There really is something to say about life in Oz. Maybe it’s the accents or maybe its the constant smell of salt water. Not too sure, but I know that I’ve never been to a country like Australia and I can’t wait to go back. Australia you taught me a lot. And yes, I’ve traveled and lived in many countries, but none like Oz.

This isn’t “good-bye” Australia, more like I will see you soon!

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